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You can find a wide range of resources here that can help to support you and your deaf and hard of hearing child, from information on types of hearing aids and on how to advocate for your child’s needs – to forms that can help you access resources to best support your child. 

Our Flying Colours resource can also help you access information that can support your child’s needs, as well as sharing inspiring stories from families with a deaf and hard of hearing child. 

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Count 1 – 10 In Auslan

Ways To Have Fun In The Pool

Myths And Truth Quiz

Anatomy Of An Inner Ear

Tips For Communication

Recognising Deafness in Children

What Is An Auslan Interpreter

Become More Deaf Aware

How To Look After Hearing Aids

How To Support Your Child’s Swimming

Youth Grant Claims Form

The form to help you claim your allocated Youth Grant funds

Youth Grant Application Form

The form to complete when applying for a Youth Grant

Youth Grant Information Kit

To learn about who can apply and how to apply

Youth Grant Flyer

Promoting the latest Youth Grant program

Working with Interpreters

A document containing some tips to help you and your child maximise communication when you start working with interpreters.

Participation in Sport

This great fact-sheet offers some wonderful ways to get involved in sport in your community, helping to make sport more accessible for your child.

What is Auslan ?

A fact-sheet on everything you might need to know about Auslan

Words Used to Describe People with Hearing Loss

A guide on many different terms and distinctions used to describe deafness and hearing loss

Stages of Development in Speech and Language

This fact sheet outlines the stages of development which most children go through when they are developing speech and language skills

Reading and Writing

This document is designed to help parents understand how to help support the written language development of deaf and hard of hearing children

Meetings at School

This information packet helps you with school meetings for a deaf child

Language Development and Deaf Children

This fact sheet helps parents to understand a deaf child’s language development

A Deaf Child in the Classroom

This fact sheet covers good teaching strategies for deaf and hard of hearing students

Choosing a School

This fact sheet helps to provide information on choosing a school for your deaf or hard of hearing child

Are You Being Heard in the classroom?

Information and teaching tips for teachers of students with a hearing loss

Good Communication at Home

This fact sheet contains some communication strategies that you can implement at home with your deaf child

Establishing a Family Support Group

This guide can help to support you as you establish a Family Support Group

Deaf Friendly Families

This wonderful fact sheet helps to share what deaf adults appreciated most in their family as they were growing up

Communication Methods

The purpose of this paper is to give a brief outline of the different communication methods which are currently used in the education of deaf children.

Brothers and Sisters

This information sheet aims to provide families with some hints and guidance on how to minimise problems that may occur between brothers and sisters from time to time.

Auslan Alphabet Poster

An Auslan fingerspelling poster containing the full Auslan alphabet

Assistive Technology

This fact-sheet helps you to understand some of the assistive technologies that are available to support your child

Hearing Devices

There are different types of hearing aids and devices, and this fact sheet helps to provide information on hearing devices

Measuring Hearing

This fact sheet helps you to understand the methods used to measure and quantify hearing levels

Genetic Hearing Loss

This fact sheet provides a contact list of organisations that can help you to investigate potential genetic causes of hearing loss

How The Ear Works

This fact sheet provides information on how the ear works

Hearing Loss Terminology

This fact sheet covers important hearing loss terminology for new parents

Types of Hearing Loss

This fact sheet covers the many different types of hearing loss, and insights into how you can best support your child’s hearing needs

Degrees of Hearing Loss

This fact sheet covers various degrees of hearing loss, and what each one might mean for your child

Recognising Hearing Loss

This fact sheet can help you to recognise some of the early signs of hearing loss for your child