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Fundraise For DCA

It might surprise you, but fundraising can be a rewarding experience.  Fundraising for us can make a big difference to deaf and hard of hearing children! Below are some ways you can raise money for DCA and some of the amazing efforts our fundraisers have made. If you have a great idea for fundraising, please get in touch so we can support you in your efforts. If you would like to discuss donating or raising funds, you can get in touch with DCA below:



1300 219 160

For Schools

Schools instil values in children and inspire them to become better – every day. Children’s learning and experience in schools can have a lasting impact on their mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being. When schools provide opportunities for children to interact and understand the needs of society, it can nurture empathy, humility, and care. It is this collective culture of school that makes it possible to create and magnify their impact – every year!

If you’re a school, here’s some fundraising ideas you could do:

  • Host a casual or fancy-dress day
  • Organise a Giving Day on annual school events
  • Have a “For You” jar
  • Organise a tour of DCA’s historic Bluestone or host an event there

Bona Vista Primary School’s Denim Day Fundraiser

Bona Vista Primary School is a small school with 30 students with big hearts.

They raised funds for DCA by having a 'Denim Day' where they had to bring a gold coin donation and ran a raffle.

The students are very passionate about helping the community. As they have a classmate who is hard of hearing, and they’ve been learning Auslan, they felt that this time they would like to raise money for Deaf Children Australia.

For Individuals - Do Something Amazing

Got a goal in mind and want to fundraise for us?

DCA is registered as an official charity on JustGiving – just select us as your chosen charity and go. All donations are automatically receipted, and you don’t have to do a thing except accomplish your goal!

Our supporters have run marathons, paddled down the Murray River, tackled obstacle courses, hosted lemonade stalls, and created birthday fundraisers on Facebook.

Stephany decided to turn her family Christmas tradition into a fundraiser in memory of her deaf brother who had passed away seven years ago. Her late brother had been deaf since he was 7 months old after having meningitis. Her parents and siblings never learned Auslan, so she was the only one who could communicate with her brother and often acted as his interpreter.

She says, “Everything I do is for him…my brother grew up with a lot of love, but the one thing he had to do without was communication. I made a promise that I would never let another child go through what he went through.”

9-year-old Jordan hosted a lemonade stall and sold almost 100 cups to raise funds for DCA. Her mum, Joanne, explained Jordan’s inspiration: “During a recent visit to Fiji, our 9-year-old daughter met a lovely young Fijian deaf man at the entrance to our resort who was selling Christmas cards to raise funds and awareness for deaf people in his country. As a result of this, our daughter, of her own accord, organised and held a Homemade Lemonade Stand.” Here’s other ideas for raising funds:
  • On your birthday, ask your friends to donate to DCA instead of giving presents
  • Make a gift in memory of your loved ones
  • Create or take part in fundraising challenges and events
  • Host community events

For Businesses

From departments to the whole organisation, there are many ways how you can support our work to empower the future generations of deaf and hard of hearing children across Australia. Your fundraising activity can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and it could help bring your team together. For example, Wisewould Mahony organised a Golf Day with a client and raised $1,200.

Here’s some of the ways you can fundraise for us:

  • Run a raffle or chocolate drive
  • Host a DCA charity lunch, sporting event or getaways
  • Host a trivia or quiz night
  • Hold a cake stall at a market or a drinks stall at a local sporting event
  • Initiate or take part in corporate or community fundraising challenge
  • Offer to match staff donations to double the impact

If you have a Workplace Giving program, you could also include DCA as one of the causes that you support. Click here to learn more about Setting Up Workplace Giving.

Get In Touch

If you would like to get in touch, you can contact our Fundraising team using the details below!



1300 219 160