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About the Course

The Puggles  Swim online Course has been developed in partnership with Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia (SCTA), AUSTSWIM, leading swim instructors and course developers. It will up-skill swim teachers, arming them with key Auslan signs and increase their deaf awareness.

It delivers the tools and skills to overlay current learn-to-swim classes with deaf-friendly tactics. This will allow you and your swim school to include deaf or hard of hearing children in your swim classes.

The course takes a minimum of 3-hours and must be completed within three months. On completing the course, a swim teacher will receive a certificate recognising their new skills, earning them 3 Professional Development Points.

Your pool will also be eligible for a range of Puggles Swim assets so you can promote your new skills.

Puggles Swim has a specially designed swim kit to complement the course learnings. It includes cute floating characters, kickboards, stories, and waterproof Flashcard packs – featuring Auslan signs.

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Puggles Swim Standard

  • $90 per individual
  • $480 per swim school (up to six individual teachers)

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the course you will become a Puggles Skipper and be able to:

Confidently include a deaf or hard of hearing child in your current learn-to-swim lessons.

Understand: the difference between being deaf or hard of hearing, and the types of hearing loss.

Be ‘deaf aware’ – understand what it means to be deaf and how to connect with deaf people.

Develop a basic library of Auslan signs for swim relevant words. 

Join a skilled community of deaf-aware swim teachers creating inclusive communities.

Next Steps

“I just did the course and it's awesome. I have started using it and my kids are loving it whether they are hearing impaired or not. They are even trying to do the signs back to me. The kids I have with ADHD and autism have really taken to it and have been more attentive in class.”


Swim Teacher

Puggles Swim online course is available to purchase from 5 September.

For enquiries, email

“Thank you for helping deaf or hard of hearing children in your community to learn to swim”