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Frederick John Rose - A pioneer of human rights

December 1, 2020, marked 100 years since our pioneering founder, Frederick John Rose passed away. Fondly known as FJ Rose, he is recognized as the great trailblazer of education for the Deaf not only in Victoria but across Australia; a humble man whose remarkable achievements continue to support and inspire.

He died at the age of 89 and to mark the centenary of his passing, Deaf Children Australia produced a video that explores the life and legacy of its founder. It features archival material and illuminating interviews with past students, as well as Teachers of the Deaf.

“It’s a fascinating history and our founder’s story has it all – adventure and romance, great success and crushing adversity, pathos and tragedy, and ultimately, vindication,” says David Wilson, CEO of Deaf Children Australia.

How it all began

Deaf Children Australia was established in 1862 in response to the needs of a deaf child and her family. It was then known as the Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institute. Our Bluestone Building was built in 1866 and has been the home of Deaf Education and support for deaf children and youth ever since. DCA supports the Victorian College for the Deaf who continue to educate children at 597 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Learn of key historical events on our timeline. We recommend you use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome to view the timeline. You will then be able to access all of the content available in the timelines either in 2D (left-right) or in 3D (forward-backward). Simply click on the 3D/2D button at the bottom left to switch between view types.

To view images of our historical items please visit Victorian Collections.

Talking History - Falling on Deaf Ears

Writer Chloë Okoli has highlighted the work of DCA founder FJ Rose in advocating for equal treatment of deaf people in the early 1900s as part of her series ‘Talking History’. See Chloë’s article on our website for her wonderful profile of FJ Rose based on a National Archives of Australia discovery.