Quality Policy

Quality Policy - POL-CP-00

1. Statement of Commitment

Deaf Children Australia (DCA) is a not for profit organisation committed to removing the barriers to personal development and social inclusion faced by deaf and hard of hearing children, youth, and their families. We provide a range of services including Support Coordination, NDIS Services, Employment Services, Mentoring programs, and language resources.

It is our intention to deliver and maintain, through our Quality Management System (QMS), quality and reliable products and services that will meet, or better, the expectations of our participants and other stakeholders. This commitment extends to products and services delivered by all our subsidiary and auspiced organisations.

The prime responsibility for all our staff is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our participants and stakeholders and this will be met by the achievement of our quality objectives. The involvement and dedication of our staff to quality ensures we maintain our reputation for ongoing satisfaction and meeting the requirements of our participants.

We aim to continually achieve compliance with the priorities and conditions of Board Governance Policies, current Government Funding Agreements, Government Acts and Standards, and International Quality Assurance management requirements. To this end, we have documented our quality management practices in a format that complies with the exacting standards of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 and the specific standards that apply to each area of our business.

All staff are committed to this policy which provides the basis for our continuous improvement processes aimed at achieving high standards for our participant-oriented products and services.


Chief Executive Officer





2.    About DCA

DCA’s purpose, values and key result areas drive its commitment to quality. These are stated as:


To remove barriers to the personal development and the social inclusion of children and young people who are deaf and hard of hearing.



DCA respects and promotes the rights of deaf and hard of hearing children and young people; and supports them, their family members and all those around them to make informed choices and enable them to fully participate in the community at all stages of their lives.


We are primarily accountable to deaf and hard of hearing children, young people and their families for our decisions and actions, and accountable to our stakeholders. DCA strives to act with integrity and transparency at all times.


DCA is committed to addressing the disadvantage experienced by deaf and hard of hearing children and young people. DCA’s goal is to partner to assist in achieving our vision and providing the best possible support for children and young people and their families.


Committed to service
DCA is a collaborative, diverse and inclusive organisation. We strive to base our work on evidence, empowering deaf and hard of hearing children and young people. DCA seeks contemporary approaches to providing unbiased support, whilst at the same time advancing knowledge and skills in the field.


Key Result Areas
As part of our quality process, we acknowledge the following key result areas:


Community Building
DCA’s work is driven by a connected and empowered group of young people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Evidence Based
DCA has a clear, evidence-based understanding of the needs, what works and the service gaps across Australia. 


The evidence underpins our actions.

Collective Delivery
Collective delivery and a clear alignment between need, evidence, and expertise drives DCA’s program offerings.


Collective Advocacy
The sector comes together to advocate on issues that young people who are deaf or hard of hearing care about. This united voice drives system reform.


DCA is financially and structurally set up to successfully deliver this approach.


3.    Quality Policy
This Quality Policy confirms our commitment to quality and forms part of the overall Quality Assurance Program implemented by DCA and all our subsidiaries and auspiced organisations. 

DCA is committed to developing and maintaining participant support services that are of the highest attainable quality. To achieve this aim, every person within the organisation must play an important role.

Our commitment to quality is a continuing process that involves investment in:

  • Developing management systems that meet the needs and the requirements of our participants and the various government acts and standards applicable to the services we deliver.

  • Training of all staff.

  • Providing up to date and accurate information to participants and other stakeholders and keeping them informed about their rights and opportunities at DCA.

  • Purchasing equipment to keep abreast of changing business service technology and participant and stakeholder requirements.

  • Implementation of work practices to create a safe and healthy environment for our staff, participants, and other stakeholders.

  • The capacity building of programs.


To maintain our reputation for quality service and to be competitive in the markets we operate in, we continually self-evaluate our methods and performance and seek continuous improvement.

This critical self-analysis enables our organisation to provide our participants with effective solutions to their support needs. This is evidenced in how we develop and deliver products and services that meet our key result areas.

Download a copy of our Web Quality Policy here.