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"The thought of taking Ellie on a family holiday kept her Mum awake at night. Donate today to give children like Ellie the chance to enjoy a safe and joy-filled family holiday and make friends that last a lifetime."
Family having fun in an egg-and-spoon race

As the holidays approach, many of us are looking forward to a long overdue family holiday this summer.

But what if the idea of a family holiday made you so anxious that you couldn’t sleep at night?

That’s how Vita felt until she took her 9-year-old daughter to a DCA Family Camp.

Vita’s daughter Ellie has moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and is also on the autism spectrum. She wears hearing aids, but is sadly very aware that they make her different from other kids.

"From the moment they arrived at DCA’s family camp, Ellie was beyond excited to see other kids with hearing aids."

Made possible by people like you, DCA Family Camps are an opportunity for deaf children and their families to enjoy a supported weekend away with other families with deaf and hard of hearing children.

Vita says:

“The camp was so well organised with lots to do… I was actually surprised that Ellie was able to follow along with all the activities, and she was just so happy to be around other kids with hearing aids.”

Vita also enjoyed bushwalking, where they were paired up with another family with two children around Ellie’s age. She was delighted to see how well the kids clicked together — so well that their parents arranged to keep in touch with each other after the camp, planning for a playdate a month later.

It’s only through your support that we can connect families like Ellie’s with others who share their experiences.

Donate today and you can give another child like Ellie the chance to find a community where they belong.