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Have you ever felt lonely, even when you were surrounded by people? 10-year-old Robbie has.

 10-year-old Robbie doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd.

Robbie had grommets when he was one year old. When it was time to remove them, only one came out. The surgeon said the other would fall out in time, but it never did. Eventually it caused his eardrum to rupture and his Mum was told he needed a hearing aid.

His mum, Ange, was told he needed a hearing aid. “It was very awkward. I’m still not that comfortable with it,” 10-year-old Robbie admits.

Robbie goes to a small primary school and there are no other children with hearing aids. In fact, he had never met anyone with one before attending Deaf Children Australia’s Family Camp!

At camp, for the first time, he saw many children wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant. He also saw children having fun and communicating confidently through Roger FMs and sign language.

“It was a different experience having other kids around that are like me…that actually understand,” he said.

Your support today will help more children like Robbie to connect with children who share their experiences! ​

This year, Robbie was one of 30 kids across Australia who got an international Pen Pal through a partnership between Deaf Children Australia and UK based National Deaf Children’s Society.

He and his Pen Pal shared their experiences of having a hearing aid. They also discovered they both liked playing video games and hated cheese!

Opportunities like Family Camps and Pen Pals will help Robbie, and children like him, to meet others who’ve been in their shoes.

Make a Christmas gift today to show children like Robbie they are not alone, and that they are embraced for who they are and what they want to be.​