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“At night, she goes into her room and just draws a whole book of pictures to get all the things out of her brain that she struggles to communicate”, Matilda’s mum explains.

Matilda has been hard of hearing her whole life and has faced many challenges at school. She startles easily, gets hearing fatigue, and often feels anxious and left out whilst trying to keep up with the other kids in her class.

For so long, Matilda has struggled with confidence and anxiety. That is until she discovered art as way to communicate, when her parents encouraged her to express her feelings through drawing and writing.

With her newfound artistic love, Matilda worked incredibly hard to create an amazing oil painting inspired by her hero Steve Irwin, which she submitted to Deaf Children Australia’s annual Art Exhibition.

And to her delight, Matilda won the People’s Choice Award, and from there, everything has changed.

“The art contest has helped me build up my confidence and my strength” says Matilda.

Matilda now feels so much more confident in herself and is so proud to tell people about the amazing achievement. She feels less anxious when she’s sitting down and drawing, and she is starting to find her feet in the world.

With your support, we can continue to grow the Art Exhibition and reach so many more deaf and hard of hearing children, providing them with the opportunity to explore their creativity, discover new ways to communicate and engage with a new a community.

“Art makes me feel happy and good about myself”

Donate today and support deaf and hard of hearing children like Matilda to build their confidence through creativity, and thrive!

Your gift today can help children like Matilda to build their confidence through creativity!

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