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9-year-old Avah was diagnosed at birth with mild hearing loss in her left ear, and severe to profound in her right ear.

Living in a rural town in Queensland, Avah has had many struggles with her journey as a deaf child, from feeling isolated and different, to missing out on things at school.

Not only is Avah physically isolated from various forms of support, but there are also not many other deaf kids in her community, especially any her own age and that she can relate to.

Going to a Deaf Children Australia Family Camp gave Avah a chance to meet other kids who share a similar experience, helping her to see that she is not alone, and igniting a sense of belonging.

Avah’s Aunty and guardian, Tamara, said it was wonderful for Avah to “find someone that was like her” at Family Camp.

“But also, to find someone that had a hearing aid and a cochlear implant as well. It was about not only connecting with other families but being able to step back and see Avah being herself with other kids”.

Your tax-deductible gift by end of financial year will help children like Avah to meet others who share a similar experience, supporting them to find a sense of belonging and build confidence in their identity.

Your gift will:

  • Give parents and carers confidence to raise and advocate for deaf and hard of hearing children through connecting with Parent Mentors, Flying Colours online resources and Parents of Deaf children (POD) groups.
  • Connect deaf children and their families with others who share their experience at Family Camps and other events, so they know they are not alone.
  • Create resources that make schools, sports clubs and community organisations more deaf aware, so they feel confident and able to fully include deaf children in activities alongside their hearing peers.

Make a tax-deductible donation before June 30 and show kids like Avah that they belong!

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