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Champion Inclusion in your community

What is DCA's Blueprint?

DCA’s Blueprint aims to promote inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children and young people in mainstream recreational and sporting clubs. 

This carefully developed range of free resources support clubs, groups and community organisations to feel empowered and confident about involving DHH children. 

Each resource has been developed with the help of DCA’s Auslan experts, clubs that have included a DHH young person, coaches, families and deaf and hard of hearing children and young people. We are very grateful for all of these contributions! 

DCA’s Blueprint is fully funded through the ILC program supported by the Department of Social Services. The resources are free and accessible to anyone.


Become an inclusion champion now!

Why Blueprint?

In a recent DCA survey parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) children expressed concerns around their children’s capacity to integrate into everyday sporting and recreational activities. Parents could see the benefit of their child being involved with sports, music and other recreational activities, providing a pathway to make friends.  In our second survey, 77% of respondents revealed their communities had limited knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with a DHH child. 

The experiences and feedback we have received prompted the team at DCA to create the Blueprint program – to help clubs and organisations ‘Lead By Example’, building their skills and confidence to include a DHH child in every day sports and activities.

Why Blueprint?

Blueprint has been designed specifically for clubs and and recreational organisations and groups – providing a carefully developed range of inspirational videos of lived experiences, downloadable posters and brochures, over 100 sports specific Auslan signs on video and more. 

Plus – for families there is a section chock full of helpful resources, videos, sports specific signs and everyday tips for helping to build confidence  in being involved in mainstream activities!

“If clubs promote that they’re inclusive for everybody, that will make a big difference.” – James, EJ’s Tennis Coach

Are you a club or community organisation?

Would your club, organisation or group activity like to be more inclusive? Blueprint can help you kick goals! From swim clubs to chess clubs and footy teams to dance troupes, we’ll help you gain the confidence to support DHH children and young people in your programs. Click below to discover a range of resources, specifically designed for clubs and community activity providers.

Are you a family with a DHH child or young person?

We have resources to help your child prepare to join a mainstream sport or activity and to share with their club, coach, teacher or organisation. Click below to discover a range of resources, dedicated to encouraging inclusion.  Let’s score points together!