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It can be quite scary when things don’t go as you had hoped and planned. Especially when it comes to everything you had dreamed for your children. Finding out your baby is deaf or hard of hearing can be shocking, difficult news to hear.

At only two weeks old, Emma was diagnosed a severe bilateral conductive hearing loss. And with no experience of deafness or the deaf community, Emma’s parents were thrown into a world they had no idea how to navigate.

And at 6 weeks old, Dante was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss in his left ear, and moderate to profound in his right ear.

With no exposure, experience, or knowledge of deafness, both Emma and Dante’s families had so many questions on how best to support their newborn babies to have the very best start in life.

97% of deaf children are born to hearing parents who have little or no knowledge of deafness or the deaf community. Your donation today can ensure parents of deaf and hard of hearing children don’t have to go it alone.

Connecting with DCA Parent Mentors, Emma and Dante’s parents received crucial support, guidance, tools, and advice from fellow parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. They’ve had the space to ask questions, vent, learn tips & tricks to help them on their journey and, most of all, they’ve felt heard, understood, and supported.

Connecting with people with a similar lived experience is validating, comforting, and encouraging.

You can support parents of deaf and hard of hearing children to find the help they need to raise resilient, thriving kids.

From learning Auslan, attending a DCA family camp and connecting with the deaf community; Emma and Dante are now thriving. Their parents have been given the tools they need to set them up for success. Today, they feel confident they can give them every opportunity, and access to everything they need to reach their full potential.

Your generous gift will give more parents the support and tools they need to set their deaf and hard of hearing children up for success.

Your support will help new parents set their children up for success.

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