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Take action through our Youth Action Group

Would you like to make new friends, learn new skills, and get involved in helping Deaf Children Australia to create opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing young people?

Deaf Children Australia is currently seeking expressions of interest for our Youth Action Group.

This is a group for deaf and hard of hearing young people aged between 12-23 who will develop leadership skills, community connections, and financial awareness while helping DCA to deliver services that young people need.

How can Youth Action help me?

Through our Youth Action Group, we aim to support young people as they help us to build programs and supports that can support them and their peers.

Being a part of our Youth Action Group can help you to learn exciting new skills and develop lasting friendships. The group is also a chance for you to influence the future of Deaf Children Australia, giving you the opportunity to create the kinds of programs you want to see!

Some of the key ways that Youth Action can support you are listed below:

Meet new people and develop connections with other deaf and hard of hearing young people aged from 12 to 17.

Develop strong leadership skills, financial awareness, and community connections alongside your peers.

Be a part of building the important programs that DCA creates, helping to create the programs you want to see.

Help to set the agenda for DCA’s future, working with us to generate more opportunities for young people.

Want to Get Involved?

Being a part of our Youth Action Group is a great opportunity, and if you’re interested in helping to guide DCA’s future, you can shoot our team an email at the link below.  If you need any additional information or have any questions about our Youth Action Group, you can also contact our team at