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Our Parent Mentors

Our Parent Mentors have lived experience raising a deaf child, each with their own personal story. Click on the stories below to find out more about each of our Parent Mentors!

Stacey Johnson

Stacey is one of our Parent Mentors, based in Queensland. Her daughter is a twin, and of her three kids – is the only one who is hard of hearing.

Following her hearing test, Stacey’s daughter was diagnosed at Mater Audiology with moderate to severe hearing loss bilaterally. For Stacey, receiving her daughter’s diagnosis came with a lot of mixed emotions.

Now though, she feels more confident that her daughter will be okay – and her daughter is joyful and happy.

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Emma Tanner-Smith

When Emma’s daughter Darcy was born, she had absolutely no risk factors for deafness. A referral for her daughter to the Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program was eventually obtained and it was discovered that Darcy had profound bilateral hearing loss.

“Every decision we have made has been done with the belief that it will improve an outcome for her, give her choices and allow her to be a complete child who is funny, wilful, stubborn, independent, slightly dirt encrusted and happy.”

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Karla Tomlinson

Karla is one of our Parent Mentors, based in Queensland. Her only son is bilaterally aided as well as assisted by an FM system.

Her son was fitted with his first set of hearing aids at 3 months. At the beginning of their journey, they felt helpless, lost and at times – very alone.

However, the turning point was when they made new friends with families who were travelling a similar path, connected by shared experiences.

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Left to right, Stacey, Bianca, Rosy and Emma at the launch of the Parent Mentor Program at the Royal Childrens Hospital.
Top Left to right, Stacey, Rosy and Bianca on an online zoom meeting.