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Cate was awarded a Youth Grant in 2018 to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC). Cate spent ten days in Washington, DC meeting fellow Global Young leader delegates from all over the world. She then had the opportunity to travel to New York City to visit the UN.

GYLC was an opportunity not only to learn about leadership and other cultures but also an opportunity to reflect on myself and take pride in my culture.”

“I was given the opportunity to adopt leadership skills, gain diverse perspectives of peers around the world and connect with global issues leaders. I learnt that successful leadership is not based on one good leader or an exemplar role model. In meeting people from all around the world, I learnt to look past nationalities, cultural differences (easy to do when you do not know the countries either!) and just connect with the person standing in-front of you.

GYLC included seminars plus meet and greets from world leaders, a global issues workshop, and sightseeing from touristy to historical landmarks as well as diplomatic areas of significance. In Washington, DC we got to visit the nation’s capital, the Holocaust museum,embassies including meeting and talking to a US Greek diplomat and even caught a view of the US White House – which was so interesting to see where the TV cameras subtly cut out the protests in front of the fences.

Then – NYC! One of the most memorable things for me was the opportunity to cross a dream goal off the bucket list – visiting the UN headquarters.

Being an Australian who speaks English similarly to the US, I was interested to see how people from 145+ countries would fare with English being their second or possibly third language.

I think I struggled the most, funnily enough even with English being Australia’s national language as I’ve realised how much the stereotypes of us “Ozzies” are true- so many slangs which led to hilarious miscommunications and laughs I got to share with newfound friends.”