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Kate’s Story – From stigma to celebration: Kate’s journey to embracing her identity

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Even though she grew up with hearing loss, photographer and artist Kate only discovered that other deaf people lived fulfilling creative lives when she stumbled across a magazine article at the age of 26. This aligns with results from our survey, in which 86% of clubs said deaf awareness training was key to being more inclusive of deaf and hard of hearing young people. 

Watch this video to learn about Kate’s journey from denial to embracing her identity as a person with hearing loss. She explains how she was diagnosed at the age of three, and how getting hearing aids at 10 turned her world upside down. 

Kate shares how she felt stigmatised by her condition, and how people teased her at school. She talks about the “light bulb moment” when she opened that magazine and found the story that made deafness “interesting and beautiful”.  

She explains how seeing someone else celebrating their deafness and pursuing a visual art career was a catalyst for transforming the way she thought about herself. You’ll discover how Kate used to be ashamed of her hearing loss and avoided telling people about it. Now, she talks about it with confidence. Plus, you’ll learn how that magazine article inspired Kate to create a whole book honouring the stories of deaf people from across Australia.