Fundraise For DCA

DCA is grateful to the generous donors that make us able to help so many deaf and hard of hearing children overcome their barriers. If you cannot donate, fundraising for us can make a big difference! Below are some ways you can raise money for DCA and some of the amazing efforts our fundraisers have made.

What can you do?       

We need volunteers to help cook the snags.

You don’t need to be a “Masterchef”.  Just someone who has some experience in cooking snags and keen to work with a team of friendly volunteers for  a 3-4 hours shift.

If you or anyone you know can spare a few hours please contact

Join us at a BBQ event

9-year-old Jordan hosted a lemonade stall and sold almost 100 cups to raise funds for DCA. 
Her mum Joanne explained Jordan’s inspiration: “During a recent visit to Fiji, our 9 year old daughter met a lovely young Fijian deaf man at the entrance to our resort who was selling Christmas cards to raise funds and awareness for deaf people in his country. As a result of this, our daughter, of her own accord, organised and held a Homemade Lemonade Stand.” Jordan sold close to 100 cups of lemonade and received additional donations. We really appreciate that Jordan had the passion to do what she can to help!

Host a Community Event

You can also organise a school fundraiser!

As part of the market day at school the students opened a stall called Sugar Land. The team raised $180.60 for Deaf Children Australia. 
​We would like to say thank you very much to the students.

We have also received a donation from Malak, a student in year 8 at Baden Powell College. As part of the their class Disease and Medicine they had to do a project based learning task. Malak sold ice-cream cones after school to raise money to help children with hearing loss and raised $60.

Malak choose to investigate hearing loss, as some family members have a hearing loss. Thank you very much Malak.

Alexi, Catherine, Rahnia and Nicola from Oakleigh Grammar.

Organise a School Fundraiser

Put a DCA donation box in your business or workplace and collect much needed funds.

You can also run a company fundraising event like Wisewould Mahony

Take a Donation Box
Do Something Amazing - Big or Small

Got a goal in mind and want to fundraise for us? DCA is registered as an official charity on JustGiving – just select us as your chosen charity and go. All donations are automatically receipted and you don’t have to do a thing except accomplish your goal!

You could participate in a fun run and set up a Just Giving page like Georgina who ran a 10K marathon to raise funds for DCA in honour of her deaf niece. Read more here.

SUP4DCA is just one example of what you can do to raise funds. Tom Dunn, an Australian adventurer did a stand-up paddleboard down the Murray River to raise money for DCA and help us fund our rural outreach program for deaf and hard of hearing children and young people. Read more

In 2015, Hear For Less CEO and founder Robert Henry tackled Tough Mudder, a gruelling obstacle course, to raise much needed funds for DCA programs. Read more about Rob’s journey.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss donating or raising funds, you can get in touch with DCA by the following:

(03) 9539 5300