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Victor Belousov – More than mountain biking: Victor’s quest to bridge the inclusion gap

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Victor is a thrill seeker and an advocate for making community activities more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) people. In this video, you’ll get to watch him perform some awesome stunts on his mountain bike. Viktor, who was born profoundly deaf, explains how he has worked hard to build his skills and confidence. “Now I love the downhill speed, the jumps, things like that,” he says.

He also describes what it was like to get a hearing aid followed by cochlear implants, and why he decided to stop using the second implant. Viktor explains how he loves hearing some environmental sounds (like Formula 1 race cars), but others (like barking dogs) not so much. 

Read that DHH people can develop stronger senses in other areas? Viktor explains why he’s extra-aware of his surroundings when he’s snowboarding or mountain biking, and the steps he takes to stay as safe as possible.

He also describes what it’s like playing for a deaf soccer club, with teammates who have different degrees of deafness and use a variety of ways to communicate. Finally, he recounts how mentors have played a key role in his life, and his all-time favourite inspirational quote: “Life is not about the destination, it’s the adventure along the way.”