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What is "Know My Story"?

During the National Week of Deaf People, from the 20th to 26th of September, Deaf Children Australia is raising awareness about the assumptions people make about deaf and hard of hearing people, and the impacts this can have.

We are inviting deaf and hard of hearing young people and their families to share their experiences on video of the weird and wacky things people have assumed about them, how it made them feel, and to highlight one or more of the achievements they are most proud of.

The stories we discover through Know my Story will illustrate that being deaf or hard of hearing is not limiting and that the myths that exist, can create barriers. Let’s remove the barriers and bust the myths.

Share Your Story

To get involved in our "Know My Story" campaign, all you need to do is follow the steps below. Once you've done that, publish your video on your social media channels during National Week of Deaf People (20 to 26 Sep) and tag us: Facebook tags, on Facebook at @DeafChildrenAustralia, on Twitter at @deafchildrenaus, and on Instagram at @deafchildrenaustralia. Use the #knowmystory2021 hashtag OR submit the video to our Communications team, at

Step 1

Grab your phone and get ready to film a simple video in Portrait Mode

Step 2

Share your name and experiences and achievements

Step 3

Send your video to our Communications team via email by clicking here


Need More Info?

Want to get involved but don't know where to start? Get in contact with our Communications Team and we can send you some pointers and provide additional information!