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Are you a deaf or hard of hearing person entering or currently in high school? This unique program will equip you, your family and your teachers with the skills to address the challenges you might face and thrive.

2 sessions, 4:30 - 6:30pm (AEDT), 04:30 PM - 06:30 PM

Online (using your NDIS plan to pay)

Session information


Session 1: Getting to know your school
    Session 2: Learning to thrive
      • $350.00 incl.

      2 sessions, 4:30 - 6:30pm (AEDT), 04:30 PM - 06:30 PM

      Online (NOT paying with a NDIS plan)

      Session information


      Session 1: Getting to know your school
        Session 2: Learning to thrive
          • $385.00 incl. GST


          Deaf Children Australia is conducting this one-of-a-kind program that provides deaf and hard of hearing youth with the skills, tools, and confidence to navigate their way successfully through high school. Whether you are preparing for, or currently in high school, we will look at the challenges and barriers deaf and hard of hearing young people can face. This is an online event and is open to people across Australia to take part.

          Some of the challenges covered include:

          • challenges with having more than one teacher
          • creating new friends
          • catching public transport
          • going from primary school with a deaf facility to a mainstream high school
          • knowing how to explain your needs to teachers who are new to DHH students
          • standing out as being different
          • having confidence to speak out


          StepUp2HighSchool is led by Deaf and hard of hearing mentors. They have lived experience and are passionate about supporting young people, to help them build self-esteem and to reach their goals.

          A bilingual environment of Auslan and spoken English is offered to support all forms of communication. Auslan interpreters will be present and live captions will be available.

          StepUp2HighSchool takes place via Zoom and runs on AEDT time.

          Why you'll want to StepUp2HighSchool

          At the end of the program, you will:

          • have the confidence to enter or navigate your way around high school as a DHH person
          • be able to speak to teachers and ask for help when you have an issue in the classroom
          • normalise the wearing of hearing aids and cochlear implants
          • break down the fear of not making friends or connecting with peers
          • normalise the presence of visiting teachers in the classroom
          • normalise the use of Roger system or FM units/assistive technology in the classroom

          Course content

          Session 1 - Getting to know your school - Tuesday 25 January 2022
          • Meet two DHH mentors and hear about their high school experiences
          • How to make new friends
          • How to catch public transport
          • How to transition from primary school with a deaf facility to a mainstream high school
          • How to navigate the challenges with having more than one teacher
          • Tips on overcoming challenges in the classroom

          Session 2 - Learning to thrive - Tuesday 8 February 2022
          • Meet two new DHH mentors and hear about their high school experiences
          • Managing homework and time management skills
          • How to balance school, homework and your mental health
          • Looking at who to contact if you are worried about bullying
          • Building confidence to speak out


          What to bring
          A desktop computer or laptop is required - it allows children to interact.
          An iPad or phone isn't sufficient.

          We will email handouts before each session.

          Online in Zoom
          Upon registration you'll receive Zoom session details.
          You'll need to download Zoom to access the session. You can download Zoom here.

          Live captions
          Will be available to those who require them. The link will be emailed to you beforehand.

          Payment details


          $350.00 - (GST free) per person - through your NDIS Plan
          $385.00 - (GST incl) per person - without a NDIS plan
          2 sessions x 2 hours program


          Payment options
          Credit card online when registering
          Pay EFT off the invoice which will be emailed to the order contact



          We have many participants who are self or plan managed under NDIS who use their funds to cover the cost of online workshops. Please note we do not provide specific line numbers. Most participants will use core funding as it is most flexible or Capacity Building under Increased Social and Civic Participation or Improved Daily Living Skills. 

          If you are NDIA managed please send a copy of your NDIS plan to as soon as possible.


          Terms and conditions
          The course is designed to ensure that if you miss one session, this will not have an impact on following sessions. We are unable to offer a discount on any missed lessons.

          Contact details

          For any online registration and workshop questions, please email

          For any NDIS questions, please email at

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