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Melisa Sloan

Melisa is a lawyer and Principal of Madison Sloan Lawyers where she works extensively in succession planning, estate planning, probate and property matters. She joined the Board in 2018.

Melisa is profoundly deaf and attended Princess Elizabeth Junior School for kinder. As a consequence of this, she identifies with and understands the challenges deaf and hard at hearing children and their families experience. She looks forward to learning more about the role DCA plays in assisting the deaf community with these challenges and the services they offer including those provided to deaf children in remote communities. She also understands the importance of the economic sustainability of DCA in servicing the diverse needs of the deaf community.

Melisa joined the Board to make a difference to the deaf community that DCA service by working closely with other Board members to identify opportunities available and supporting deaf children in embracing these opportunities so they can enjoy enriched lives within the community.