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Jane Harris

Marketing and Communications Manager
Jane Harris joined the DCA team in 2020 as our Marketing and Communications Manager. Jane has had more than 20 years of experience working with leading PR agencies and organisations in London and Melbourne across a broad range of industries. Through her work, she has helped to develop, implement and lead multi-faceted campaigns to incite change, to launch new products and services, and to raise awareness about key issues relating to health and homelessness.

Jane helps DCA to share the stories of the people we support, and to show how DCA is working to deliver what families of deaf and hard of hearing children need. She is also responsible for launching and marketing our products, services, programs, and events with a focus on connecting and building the skills, resilience, and opportunities to flourish for those we support.


“It is a privilege to meet and support children, young people and their families, to learn about their experiences, share their stories and continue to refine what we do to deliver what they need,” Jane said. “Seeing and learning about the impact we are having is a constant source of inspiration.”