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Get Ready for the Road

Deaf Children Australia has partnered with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education to deliver Ready Set Drive. This unique, one-day driving course is designed to help deaf and hard of hearing young people prepare for the road and to be safe on the road.

In 2022, Ready Set Drive will deliver two programs, one for those going for their Learners and another for those wanting to build up their driving hours to go for their licence.

Meet Our Instructor

Driving Instructor Courtenay Rufus smiling against a green and white wooden wall
Courtenay Rufus has been involved with DCA’s program Ready Set Drive since its origin. Courtenay is the founder and owner of CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education. He is passionate about road safety and prides himself in creating the most well-rounded drivers through comprehensive lessons that combine exhaustive road knowledge with driving practice. Courtenay has extensive experience working with deaf and hard of hearing people, and expressed interest in learning Auslan to take his knowledge to the next level. He believes that Auslan is a very interesting language for driving instructors, as his communication style is very visual and involves a lot of hand gestures when he is teaching. Click on the button below to learn more about Courtenay and his commitment to ensuring deaf and hard of hearing people get equal access to the road.

Learn Auslan Driving Signs

Ensuring communication on the road is an essential part of learning to drive, and our Driving Signs Booklet can help you to learn vital signs that you may need to communicate with your deaf or hard of hearing child as they begin learning to drive. 

We have provided a free resource that you can use to learn key signs that you may need for the road. It can be important to learn a few basic signs before you go out on the road, and knowing a few signs before you go out on the road can help to ensure that you are road-ready

Knowing a few driving signs can help you communicate and prepare for various situations on the road. 

You can access the Driving Signs booklet by downloading it below: