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Spell With Me – Fridge Magnet Letters


The Spell with Me set of fridge magnets are a great way to start finger spelling in Auslan. They will expose deaf and hard of hearing children to finger spelling from day one.

Children love to mimic, so over time your child may develop hand and finger dexterity. They can develop a short hand of spelt words and will pick up English letters at the same pace as developing an understanding of Auslan signs.

With 70 magnets including the letters in the alphabet, plus multiples of vowels and key consonants, you can spell out “I love you” easily and finger spell  lots of new words every day. This is something the whole family can take part in.

All these goodies are packed in a handy little drawstring bag. The Spell with Me fridge magnets will provide plenty of fun for the family.

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  • 70 fridge magnets including the alphabet, multiples of vowels and key consonants
  • Learn new words everyday
  • Activity sheet included, supporting your child’s learning
  • QR Code linking to videos of the Auslan signs


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