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Platypus Playhouse Storybooks – Set of Five


A collection of 5 beautifully illustrated storybooks featuring Auslan illustrations to highlight key words.

Each book features the Platypus Playhouse family that consists of Pip, Annie, and all their friends.

You can access videos that show how to sign key words via the QR code featured in the book.

Reading tip: Deaf and hard of hearing children have the capacity to follow visuals in a book and grasp the excitement of its content if the reader’s face and hands are animated and the page is in the direct eyeline of the child.

  • Recommended for Pre-school to Early Primary School Children.
  • Bilingual resource – Auslan and English.
  • Engages the whole family in a child’s language and learning development.
  • 5 beautifully illustrated Storybooks.
  • Auslan illustrations of key words.
  • Videos – key words and an Auslan translation of the book.
  • Play based learning backed by research.
  • Developed in collaboration with deaf educators and Auslan consultants.
  • Book 1 – One World Ten Toes
  • Book 2 – Pip’s Big Adventure
  • Book 3 – Pip and Annie play Hide and Seek
  • Book 4 – Pip and Annie Go To The County
  • Book 5 – Good Morning Annie
  • QR code to access videos to show how to sign key words.