Parent Mentor Program

Our Parent Mentor Program helps parents who have received a recent diagnosis for their child or have already begun their journey.

Parents often report they feel overwhelmed on receiving the diagnosis. We connect these families with a parent with lived experience and specialist skills who shares their positive parenting experiences.

This gives parents enormous support and encouragement. 

It can be reassuring to speak with another parent who has travelled a similar path. One who can offer unbiased information and support from the birth of your child and beyond.

The program also connects you with other parents, offering a unique opportunity to share experiences, learn and build friendships for both parents and their children. This is made possible via the POD Support Network, find out more. 

We are committed to offering this valuable service during COVID-19 restrictions. We have moved from our face to face support to engaging with parents via:


  • Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • Text  

Stay in touch to find out when we can continue our face to face Parent Mentoring.

If anyone would like to connect with a Parent Mentor, please call 0424 782 027 or email


Find out how parents and children are connecting. Join in the fun and build friendships.

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