Nicholas Layton

Despite winning medals, personal best results and receiving his prestigious award, the most precious moment for me was when a fellow swimmer from Northern Territory congratulated me and recognised my achievements by presenting his Northern Territory scarf.

Nicolas and his family said, "We, as a family would personally like to thank Deaf Children Australia for all support provided. It was a great deal for me and helped me to take part in this competition."


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Tye Recreation Fund helped

Nicholas take part in swimming


"I feel that the best experiences and memories out of the Championship was above all - Fellowship and Good Sportsmanship!"

Nicholas said that thanks to Tye Recreation funding he was able to participate, "in 7 individual Multi Class events (swimmers with disabilities) winning 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. In two of the events performed, I was happy to achieve personal best results. On the last day of the Championship, based on prior successful swimming results, I was selected to take part in 4 Able Body relays, and contributed to my team winning the Bronze medal."

"On the day of the closing ceremony I was awarded the "Swimmer of the Meet, Multi Class".