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Deaf Children Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians of Australia. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future, of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.


Deaf Children Australia is a registered charity under our legal name Deaf Children Australia, ABN 57 108 025 207. We are a Deductible Gift Recipient, category 1.

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Deafness Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training allows individuals to gain an understanding of the deaf and hard of hearing world. DCA's program aims to educate and create empowerment and understanding of the deaf and hard of hearing community. 


Deafness awareness training is available for schools and community activities such as sports clubs, assisting them to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for deaf and hard of hearing children and young people.

To increase the knowledge on the communication needs of deaf and hard of hearing children and young people DCA provides a range of DAT sessions to improve understanding and awareness of: 

– Auslan (Australian sign language) 
– Deaf Culture
– Communication tactics to use when talking with deaf and hard of hearing young people and children. 
– Making the environment accessible 
– Improve your communication skills! 

DAT in the community 

DAT can be funded under a NDIS plan.

Deafness Awareness Training
Auslan Tutoring