Corporate Sponsorship

DCA is grateful to the generous donors that make us able to help so many deaf and hard of hearing children overcome their barriers. 
Corporate sponsorship and fundraising is a great way you can raise money for DCA just like Wiseworld, German Auto and Small Ford. 

To discuss how your workplace or company can fundraise for DCA contact:

Thanks to Wisewould Mahony Lawyers who did a great job raising $1,200 for DCA at their recent client Golf Day. They waived the entry fee and managed to raise so much through a raffle and games on the course.
If your organisation would like to run a rewarding fundraising activity for Deaf Children Australia, please contact us.

Your fundraising activity can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and it could help bring your team together. For example:

  • Get together for a company bake-off or pizza lunch

  • Unwind with a yoga session

  • Run a raffle or chocolate drive

  • Invite your colleagues and friends to see a movie at the cinema

  • Have a swear jar at work

  • Hold a cake stall at a market or a drinks stall at a local sporting event

  • Get fit by taking on a corporate challenge like running or cycling

Wisewould Mahony Raises Funds For DCA At Golf Day

RS Owners Club of Victoria held their Small Ford Sunday event in the grounds of DCA. Australia’s largest small Ford show brought a huge range of small Ford cars to the grounds to be shown off!

It was a fantastic day, with many beautiful cars on show and a great showing of spectators too.

Recently, we welcomed John and Andrew from RSOCVic back to the Bluestone to deliver a generous donation of $2,000 raised on the day through entry fees. A big thank-you to the RSOCVic team for the much needed donation and congratulations on a great event!


To see more photos from Small Ford Sunday, visit the RS Owners Club of Victoria website

Small Ford Sunday at DCA Raises $2,000

On 26 August, the 2018 German Auto Show was held in the beautiful DCA grounds. There was a great turnout both of vintage cars and car lovers who came to admire the many gorgeous vehicles on display!

A huge thank you to the Volkswagen Club of Victoria for their event, and to our amazing volunteers, Brandon, David, Andrew, Cecily, Anthony and Lizzie who shook tins and collected much needed funds. The team raised over $1,900 which will go toward supporting deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. The DCA grounds can be a fantastic venue for markets, shows and other outdoor events! To enquire about hosting an event in the grounds, email

DCA is grateful to all the passionate volunteers who work with us in all areas of the organisation. In the past year, volunteers contributed approximately 6,800 hours to our organisation. This in-kind contribution is valued at over $224,000 – an amazing effort!

Small Ford Sunday at DCA Raises $2,000

We can supply a donation box or you can select us as your chosen charity on JustGiving.

Contact us about your plans so we can support you to accomplish your fundraising goal!


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