Spring Appeal


How do you communicate with your child if they can’t hear your voice? 


From the moment they learn of their child’s diagnosis, parents of deaf children are confronted with a myriad of emotions – shock, grief, helplessness, confusion and isolation. And just as many questions.


What do you tell family and friends? How do you teach a child that can’t hear? And what are their prospects for the future?

For parents like Kyleigh, our Parent Mentor Program was an essential lifeline.

Kyleigh told us her experiences:


"At the appointment with the audiologist, a confirmation of severe to profound deafness was diagnosed. I was at the appointment with my mother and at first, I didn't comprehend the diagnosis. I was utterly shocked, and then it hit me. My emotions came running out.

Moana would not be able to hear me say I love you; she wouldn't hear all of the beautiful sounds of nature or animals; she would not be able to hear her sisters and other family. it was absolutely shocking."

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When Moana was born, Kyleigh was paired with a mentor who is also the parent of a child that is deaf or hard of hearing, and specially trained by Deaf Children Australia. Her mentor used their expertise, and more importantly experiences, to support and encourage Kyleigh so she could navigate one of the most challenging times of her life.

In this time of COVID lockdowns and restrictions, having access to a Parent Mentor is now more vital than ever. Please give today so we can continue to support families and shape a brighter for deaf children like Moana.